Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Random Fall Love

One of my students asked me the other day "Mrs. Simone, when is summer over?"
I promptly told that student that summer was technically over, but the student quickly asked "why is it still so hot?" I of course reminded this child that we live in California where the weather is usually very pleasant and that 90+ degree temperatures was not entirely uncommon during this time of year in Southern California. 

Fall is extremely different in a climate that doesn't include much fall weather, at least not lately! Usually, we have heat which brings winds. Hot and windy is not ideal fall weather. It does not conjure up this image in my head:

Either way, there are things I love about fall.

I love new school supplies.
I love pumpkin flavored items hitting the stores!

I love drinking warm beverages in the morning.
Source: via Marie on Pinterest

I love dragging out sweaters and cooler weather clothes!

I love cooking soups, stews, and chillis! My crockpot has not failed me ever!

So much to love about Fall!
That's my random Thursday post for the week!

See what others love about Fall! 

What do you love about fall?