Friday, October 26, 2012

Classroom FREEBIE!

What a week! 
But i am happy to report that all my parent teacher conferences went GREAT! 
Now it's on to other stuff that is classroom related! 
I made these typed up these lovely sight words that i am gonna copy onto colored paper and then put them up in my room! 
(The problem at the moment is that where i would like them to go would require me to climb what seems like a 20 foot ladder to get there!) 
Regardless, my kiddos requested these and i think it would help them with their written work! 
The whole document is 14 pages and it would be easy to copy them, cut them out, and then put 'em up! 
Help yourself, its FREE! 
Just click the link below! 

Hope this helps! 
Let me know if you put it to good use! I would love to hear from you or see pictures of how you used these! 

Also, that is how this teacher struts her stuff! 
Head on over to see what you can find!