Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Not All That Super

I don't know super heroes well. Even at all, really. I mean, I guess, I know Superman, Batman, etc. but I am really out of touch on those things. This is one area where I feel that i live under a huge rock!

Regardless of this huge rock I live under, this week's random topic for Random Thursday is made even more random because I do not have the slightest clue about superheroes. So lets get to it, this weeks topic is: 

Because i am so terribly out of touch, it is even difficult to figure even one of these out and i may even sound like i am on the next pageant for Miss. America, but i would wish for the power to heal emotional hurt for children. It just seems so wrong to have children who have had more life experience than even some adults. With that said, being able to heal any sort of emotional hurt for anyone would be AWESOME! I know that our trials and troubles really can help to make us stronger, but I would be a superhero who would only be able to heal who i come into contact with. That is just one person. I hardly think i could heal the whole world... or maybe i could!?!? 

OK so there's my stab at it... 
Does that qualify?

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