Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Random Thursday: Top 5 Blogs

Please excuse my hiatus! I'm back! And to be honest there is not a real excuse as to why i have not posted! Either way today is the day to be RANDOM!

It's time for Random Thursday! 

The topic today is

I must admit i am really behind in my blog reading... especially since the app i was using just flat out gave up on me! I love reading AND commenting on blogs on my iPad. I have tried several free apps and may have actually found one that i will eventually pay for because it allows me to see each post! And it hasn't flipped out yet! And it lets me comment easily! Woo Hoo for that! 

How do you read your blog roll without sitting in front of a computer all day? 
Do you use an app that works for both reading and commenting? 

Anyway, back to my regularly scheduled programming... here's my top 5!
(Oh and by top 5 blogs i read, i mean the ones i seek out on a daily basis!)

You can't blame me for supporting my gal pal! She may not post often, but i think she's pretty swell! 

Bev is such a great gal! i totally think we would be pals! And i hear she is moving soon... my vote is that she would move back town to sunny SoCal and then maybe we could be friends in real life! 

This girl is so down to earth and i am so blessed to have her as my penpal! i love each post she shares: fashion, experiences, whatever... I love it all! (And i totally get excited to read her letters! Especially since they are usally long!)

This girl has a great outlook on life and shares so openly on her blog! Lindsey is so encouraging and positive! This helps me to think the same way! 

Lovely Little Things
Jessica has had this great link up that she took a break from and then just started it back up again... it's called Smell the Roses! I has encourages me in so many ways and whether the task is small or big, it gets me out of my comfort zone a bit! Also, I love how Jessica shares her honest struggles with her life. 

These are of course in addition to our lovely hosts! Be sure to check them out! I swear you wont regret it!