Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A few things ...

I believe....

In eating breakfast everyday.

In sleeping in.

In playing phone tag even if it's the only means of communication.

That God is alive and present every moment of everyday.

In spending time with loved ones is more important than a lot of things.

That having a pet to keep you company just makes life that much better

That a night out with the girls can easily make all eightieth the world once again.

That a well planned date night can put a girl in  really good mood.

That one day I will make a good mom. Hopefully.

That having sore stomach muscles from laughing is thebest kind of soreness!

That exercising is a huge stress reliever, especially when you can hit and kick things (ie. kickboxing)

In love that lasts forever.

Forgiveness is a gift for yourself. 

In friendships that are honesty and not fake.

That waking up early and having a quiet morning can add a sense of peace to the day.

Love is an action. 

That sharing a home cooked meal with loved ones is awesome.

In inviting people over is a great reason to clean a bunch!

That the smell of lavender is trully an escape.

That seeing Christmas lights is terribly nostalgic.

That real mail is super fun! 

Ok so that was my shot at an "I believe" post!!!
I've seen this float around lots lately! I hope u enjoyed what I believe!

What do you believe?