Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's Been Awhile...

I haven't posted my high five for a while!
I'm linking up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk to share my top five highlights from the week! Here goes nothin'!


In no particular order...

My husband has come with me to my kickboxing class TWICE this week's  He is even sounding like he is gonna commit to it and I am in love with that! I love my hubs and working out with him really means a lot to me!

It is the second week where I have felt SUPER on top of things. My desk may not be the cleanest, but I feel much more organized. I am using a new technique to help me stay organized! Hmm ... Might have to post about it sometime. Lets see if it works for longer! Lets just say it's amazing what sticky notes can do!


My Birchbox came! It's the goop version and I am way excited about some of the items! More on this soon!


Writing! I have truly enjoyed writing posts like this one and this one lately!

It's cooling off! Thursday was cloudy and cool, but no rain! Loved that! Today is supposed to be cool! I am loving that maybe just maybe we at getting a touch of fall!

That's my high five!
What were your high five moments this week?