Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What's Bringing Me Joy Wednesday!

So it's Wednesday and it completely felt like a MONDAY! That's cause it was the dreaded end to Christmas Break. (I can see the storm clouds rolling in and the organ playing some daunting song!). That's right I went back to work and my classroom which was completely ignored for all of break! Though I went back kind of dragging my feet, I realized how much i missed my little kiddos. This leads me to my content for today... 

So, my thoughts are that Wednesdays on "Busy as a Honey Bee" will be all about what has brought me JOY for the week. So there it is "What's Bringing Me Joy Wednesday." I am hoping to find something every week to remind me that I have so much joy in my life. I feel that often times I can truly get so bogged down in the mundane stresses of life that I lose sight of what has brought me the most joy. I may not be the only one in this, but regardless, Wednesdays will regularly be about what has brought joy to my life. 

Today, my students are what brought me joy. They are so awesome! I went to work almost kicking and screaming and left feeling like I know exactly why I stay late, drink too much tea, and stress about making things better than the last time. My reminders today were when one student randomly said "I love school" and then a small conversation continued with another student about how they loved the school too. Another reminder was when a student winked back at me after i winked at him. It was adorable and he looked so much like a pirate when he did it! I hope and pray every day for moments where I made an impact educationally or even emotionally. Maybe today was one of those days!