Thursday, January 5, 2012

What do you want to read?

So by now I think you have figured out that I am trying to be a responsible blogger and post daily. So far this has been a fun/overwhelming adventure where I realize I have much to learn. 

There's so much I could cover and  wonder what people want to read. Truly, I would like to avoid meaningless posts. I am aspiring to be like the bloggers that I have followed that have inspired me and kept me wanting to know more and more.  So with that being said, does anyone have anything they would like to know about? A topic you would like me to focus on or even information you would like to learn about that you think I might have even an inkling about? Comments, suggestions, specifics, and general musings are welcome..... Please leave behind a kind comment below!

PS. The picture above is one of my husband (Brandon) and I at the Orange County Fair this summer. They had a refrigerated room that had really awesome ice sculptures. It was fun and QUITE cold! They even offered blankets for people to use. Just thought I would share!