Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Number and ABC strips

It's Teacher Tip Tuesday! 

So here's an item I have made extremely reusable and usable for my students. While my kiddos have number lines and ABCs on their name plates that are on their desks, when we are at our tables doing work as a group they don't have access to what's on their desks. So, I bought a roll of ABC stickers and a roll of number lines at my favorite teacher supply store (CM School Supply). The rolls of these stickers come with quite a few but all you need is 3-5 or each one. 

The point of these is to use them during work at the tables, games, practicing counting, ABC order, distinguishing between b, d, p, and q, and anytime the kids can't remember certain letter formation! The ABC strips also really come in handy during spelling tests! 

Step 1: Stick the stickers on to construction paper and make sure you leave enough space between the stickers to be able to have an edge once they are laminated. 

Step 2: Laminate the entire poster and cut out individual strips for individual use. 

Step 3: Place these in a handy place to pull out whenever needed. 

These can be used at home as well. Students often struggle with homework and need some of the same supports they are offered in the classroom to be able to complete their work. Students tend to be very visual and these little tools can help them complete homework independently! 

Here's what mine look like: 

Keep in mind - it helps to teach the little ones how to use these! There are many strategies to help the kiddos figure out how to do their addition and subtraction using these strips. However, ABC strips really are pretty straight forward in their use.  

Hope everyone had a great Tuesday back at work! As my aide says: "Happy Tuesday!"