Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pinterest: the new TEACHER's HELPER

I spent the day having my blood drawn, lunch and a walk with a good friend and her 1 y/o, running a couple of errands, playing on Pinterest (one of my big time suckers), meal planning and trying to get ahead in the blogging world! This is all stuff that has had nothing to do with teaching on this random day off! (We had a staff appreciation thing scheduled for staff that got canceled but the kids already had the day off... hence no work today! 

So, since I have spent the day relaxing and doing as I please on my favorite site (Pinterest)... I thought I would share some of the additions i have added to my classroom just because of Pinterest. While so many people say Pinterest is a huge waste of time, I think it really can be an inspiration to many. In particular for teachers, it can take a lot of time, but it truly has made learning fun and also made certain things more accessible to my students. So here are a couple additions in photo form... I will let you know where I got them from if I can find all my pins on Pinterest! :) Oh and BTW... if you wanna follow me on Pinterest click below!  
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 So here is one of the math games that i have added to the mix. You can find these all at Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits. These games have been a great addition to the math games. I also use the "Making 10" version. Thanks to yet another great blogger who has helped me add to my toolbox! 
 Here are my clocks with certain times that we need to be certain places. This has really helped some of my students to be able to grasp time a little bit better. It always seems that time is truly confusing and abstract and then you throw in all the special needs my kiddos have and it is complete discombobulation! (Is that a word?). Anyway I got these from a pin on interest linked to a GREAT BLOG called Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons. Click the link to her blog to find the printables. 
 Also, just a hint... laminate the blank clock faces and then use wet erase markers to draw on the hands in different colors. This way i can at least reuse the clock faces next year if the times all change! 

Thanks so much Mrs. Lemons for the great printable! It made making this easy and I have really seen kids learn from this. 

So after these few shots, I realize how much more I don't even have photos of. I have been inspired by Pinterest and it has made teaching the same thing MUCH more fun! This students have really enjoyed it too. The math game you saw above is part of my "Ready to Use Math Games" folder. Also, I am working on a HOLIDAY version of a "Ready to Use Math Games" folder. Its still in the beginning stages, but i hope to have it done soon! (Yeah, I know it will probably take me a year to fill it, but i can at least have the folder ready to go!) 

Off to eat a quick bite before heading to kickboxing!