Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Weight Log

Good Morning! (Or maybe it's good afternoon for you, depending on where you are reading this!) 

Today I am sharing about my weight log. For years now, I have logged my weight. I weigh myself every morning completely naked after having used the restroom. (I will spare the details of a trip to the restroom!) Now i know that not everyone monitors their weight so closely, but this could be done on a weekly basis, or even a monthly basis. Either way, I log my weight every morning with the exception of a few mornings like when my hubby and I go on a trip!

I began doing this in a tiny little notebook. My first one was brown leather, then i had a little black book, now I have this cute little flowered paper note pad. I love the print on this one. And best of all it was pretty inexpensive at Target!  (I think it cost me a whole dollar!)

The next step is to determine what you want to log. In my case I log the date, my actual weight, and  how much I went up (UGH!) or down (:D!) from the day before or the last weigh in. I have also started to log my exercise. This can be seen in the pictures below. The inside cover of my log has a little key for any of the different exercises that I do. This can quickly show me how many times I have worked out in a week and it really takes no time at all. 

You might also notice that I have noted when I am "really sore" because I know that that means I am probably retaining water. This can also be reflected on the scale and so, I do other stuff to help with water retention. (I will post about this at a later date!) Anyway, here's one last shot to show you when I forget to log it looks really inconsistent. This pic is from my log from a couple years ago. Sometimes I would just remember what I had weighed that morning and then fill it in later, I have learned my lesson. I don't like those little question marks , so I now religiously write down my weight right after my weight in. I have even moved my log to the bathroom (it used to be in the bed room) to help me do it immediately. 

This entry also shows that I haven't always logged my exercise! 

So, that is my weight log. Many people know that I am "perpetually on a diet," but really I just want to be healthy. These logs have really helped me to see the changes in my body (as far as weight is concerned) over the years. It has also become a bit of a scrapbook of sorts. I can tell you when my last vacation was and any day I was sore or injured or even sick! I also log when i have allergies and other sorts of troubles (I said I would spare the details of the restroom didn't I?). 

I must note too that these logs are from at least a year (or more) ago. Life has changed and I am currently trying to get my weight down to these numbers again. On my wedding day I weighed 147 and that would be awesome! 

Hope you all have a happy Sunday! 

PS. With all this football and basketball on the screen.... is anyone beginning to miss baseball? I am so looking forward to seeing the Angels play this season!!!!