Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ornaments all packed away!

So today my husband and I spent the day relaxing and doing nothing .... ha ha! That's a joke, we did a bunch to clean up CHRISTMAS! I know so many people reluctantly put away Christmas decorations, but today I only reluctantly cleaned. Some may feel sad when the decorations disappear and get packed away for another year, but not me. I dreaded putting in the work because i knew the garage could have used some organizing before everything was all put away. So anyway, we began when I returned from my normal Saturday morning kickboxing class and breakfast! I am completely off track ... this post is not all about cleaning.... it is more about one of the traditions we have as a married couple. 

Last night, knowing we were putting the Christmas stuff away, I thought I would share about the ornaments we buy each year and how we store our ornaments each time we get new ones. So, there is a great nursery that always decorates and has plenty of BEAUTIFUL ornaments for sale here in Orange County. Each year my husband and I make a visit and pick out a couple ornaments. We usually wait until later in the season so that the ornaments go on sale, but here are the ones we picked out this year! 

This one was my favorite this year. I love the contrast of the white and the beautiful poinsettia leaves. 
 I know this one is a bit blurry, but we had it on a rotating thing that made just a few select ornaments spin when the lights were on! That added a nice touch this year. 
This was my husband's choice this year. He wanted a snowman, and a snowman he got! He also got a great Christmas village that we added to the decorations this year. It looked great! 

Anyway, so when it comes time to pack everything up, each year i write a description on the individual boxes for each ornament. Here are the examples for the ornaments i showed you. I also am sue to include the year the ornament was purchased. Oh and I get the boxes from that great nursery where we purchase them. They are free at the gift wrapping station and they will give you ribbon and the whole bit if you buy them as gifts. 

So, that's our tradition and how we store those beautiful ornaments! 
K, my husband is starving and we still have yet to figure out where to eat... gotta go! Have a great weekend!