Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What Bringing Me Joy Wed.

After a tough day of work, I have decided work did not bring much joy today. Teaching can be tough work. 

So what has brought me joy in the last week? Well, I think there have been a few things. 

1. My husband - this morning he told me I was beautiful and that I looked good. This made me feel really good. It seemed unprovoked and really did make me feel like I looked good today. Might I take the time to tell you all that my husband does this often but this time it seemed so out of the blue that I really felt special (and not in a special ed type of way)! He is pretty darn sweet and really is a devoted man. I love doing stuff for him and everyday i get more and more excited to spend my life with him. I love laughing with him and sharing in many different adventures! 

2. The second thing that has brought me joy this week is the Brookstone Massager that my husband bought us for Christmas. This thing seems to do the trick when my back, neck, legs, or whatever random body part hurts. This thing is awesome. This week I have had some pretty icky back pain. The pain goes all along my shoulder blade and ends at the base of my skull. So apart from needing to schedule a real massage, this item does the trick when the pain is unbearable. The thing is worth every penny... and the link is below! 


Have a great evening!