Wednesday, January 25, 2012

JOY: Dinner's Served!

What's brought me joy this week? Well, this has been a tough question for me this week. It has been a struggle to feel on top of things and I am really trying to keep a positive attitude. Stress and Simone are not a good mix. The worst part is I am not sure why I am so stressed. I guess I really am feeling like i just want time off, even though I love teaching my little guys! 

But, this post is not to complain or gain any sort of pity. Just merely stating it was more difficult this week to come up with something! I guess what has brought me joy is definitely being able to cook for others. Since I have gotten married, it has become a great joy to meal plan and see something finished. So many times, as someone who has dabbled in so many crafts, cooking has turned into a sort of hobby that has brought me joy just in completing that task. There are so many unfinished projects that I wish i had enough hours in the day to complete! 

This week the menu items have turned out quite nicely. It brings me so much joy to know that I  pulled off a recipe successfully. I know it sounds really cheesy, but it really does make me feel like a wife who has fulfilled a duty. I sometimes have those domestic tendencies. I also feel that I have filled my belly and my husband's belly with yummy and healthy food!

In addition to the menu items that I have already posted about this week, tonight I will be trying to make Snickers Popcorn for my work potluck tomorrow! This school year one time a month our school staff has a potluck meeting and the potluck is a competition. The winner of the competition wins the prized "Golden Spatula." I won it for the month of September for S'mores bars. Click the link for an AWESOME recipe! Anyway, this should be fun to make! (And because my hubby will feel left out he will get a snack too!) 

I will post a review of my experience tomorrow! Oh and here's the GOLDEN SPATULA!!!