Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Life Group and a Clean Apt!

What's bringing me joy today? 
2 things .... its so hard to limit myself now that i have been doing this every week. I am now finding myself looking for the things that truly are bringing me joy each week! 

1. The first thing that is bringing me joy is my life group! My husband and I have been blessed to lead this group for a little over a year now and we really have enjoyed leading this small group of couples. We have grown and learned so much in a year and I am so excited about what is to come this year! My husband and I are welcoming another couple to lead with us and WE CAN'T WAIT! It is so neat to invite someone in who is so excited to learn, lead, and help in so many ways. Its also really great to have a new set of friends! With that said we are also expanding in membership which excites me and brings me much joy. I think of it all as this new horizon to learn and grow together as Christian adults living in a crazy mixed up world! So, our life group is really bringing me joy! (Everyone is coming over in approx 20 minutes!!!!) 

2. The second thing that has brought me joy this week is MY CLEAN APARTMENT!!!! I am loving how it looks so much better and is way less cluttered. I have to say my husband has really kicked it into high gear and has said enough is enough for both of us. So we cleaned and stuffed Christmas stuff into storage bins on Saturday. We also straightened up our garage! It is also really cool that we finally got a brand new vacuum all our own! (We had been using difficult-to-use "hand me down" or borrowed vacuums before now!) It makes vacuuming so much easier! I love my new Dyson! 
So that is that....tomorrow I will be participating in my first "Linky Party" and you will get to hear about "A Day in my Shoes"!  Can't wait! 

Have a great night!