Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Little Blue Scarf

My goal for each Christmas Break is usually to complete at least one project. This year the knitting bug hit me again and so I made my way to find my yarn, and ended up with a thick navy blue yarn. I came home, scoured the internet and Pinterest, and found a neat pattern that would challenge me a little more as a knitter.

Well, it was definitely a challenge. I decided to do my own thing by picking the size of needle I thought would be good. Turns out, it was not so good! I pulled my work out 4 times! The fourth time I pulled it all out I was so disappointed and really did not want to be defeated by a SCARF! 

So, I have now gone back and used the suggested needles and the scarf looks great! Progress will be slow going but here is my cute (in progress) scarf! 

I downloaded the free pattern from Tangle ... just follow the link! Tangle Herringbone Scarf Trust me just follow that pattern. If you end up making it ...send me a pic of your work! I would love to see it!