Sunday, February 26, 2012

Why I Have Been Exhausted...

Good Evening! 

OK so its been the weekend of CARS! Well not really carS ... really more about one CAR! This is one reason why i have been so tired! We have been talking about a car, planning for a new car, selling my husband's truck, and getting quotes on my car! So much work! Regardless, it has paid off... 

This weekend my husband and I made our first big purchase together! We got a brand new Chevy Traverse and completely LOVE it! It is totally one of those things where we both cannot wait to drive it, though it is different now because we do have to share the car! I will be the primary driver because it will be my mode of transportation to and from work, but it is our not-too- soon-but-soon-to-be family car! 

 Here are a few shots of the new ride! 

This car will require a little getting used to because I have been driving a small little sedan for the entire time i have had my license. It is longer and harder to park, but truly I love this car! I have never had a car with all the little bells and whistles and this thing does! My favorites thus far? Oh boy... I love so much, but one favorite for sure is the heated and cooled seats! I have never had this and it truly is something i am going to be spoiled with! The other feature I LOVE and would not leave without is the dual sun roofs! Love that our passengers can see the sky in the back and feel the breeze! 

So this is why I have been exhausted! Getting a new car can be tiring! We spent our Friday night car shopping after a long week and have since returned tothe dealership twice! I also have been battling my allergies. I hate allergies but truly love my new car!