Wednesday, February 8, 2012

JOY: Chores and Cookies! :)

So much JOY to report this week!

There are 2 things:
1 The first is my husband. He has brought me much joy tonight. I came home in a rush. running about 25 minutes later than when i had wanted to be home to make sure to pick up our apartment for our weekly life group that we host/co-lead. Well, as a was walking up the stairs i was thinking of the laundry list of things i was about to spend the next hour and a half doing before i could blog! I knew the dishes needed doing, the laundry i had laid out needed putting away, our dining room table needed to be cleared and coats/jackets needed to be put away. I also needed to make sure we ate something and then i could relax a little. Well, hubby stayed home today and worked from home and surprised me with almost the entire apartment cleaned. He even changed the sheets on the bed! He had already vacuumed, done the dishes, straightened the living room, put away laundry, cleaned the bathroom and I think a few other things! This made me feel like i could actually relax and not feel completely rushed! That is a feeling i have not been familiar with all week or even for a little while (at least on a school night!) So my joy comes from the fact that he thought about me. He realized i may have needed a few minutes to relax and that brings me so much joy! Words cannot even say how much joy that brings me! Plainly put, he ROCKS! Thanks to my handsome hubby!

2. The second even that brought me joy is one of my co-workers. This week has already come with its little bit of drama and when i shared my feelings with another member of my team, she obviously knew i needed a little pick-me-up! The next day she waltzed into my classroom holding a box of Girl Scout Cookies! Its funny because right before the kids had come into the room (coming from PE) and were all talking about how my co-worker was holding Girl Scout Cookies. Despite the heads up from the kids (which in my mind i blew off as just kids talking), I was touched! This co-worker of mine is always so kind, compassionate and always ready to lend a listening ear. Words cannot express how blessed I am to have this person to work with. I know she knows how grateful I am, but it cannot be said enough. So, you know who you are, THANKS A BUNCH! BTW the cookies were the Lemonades and boy are they YUMMY!

So what brought you joy today? Or even this week?