Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's a whole month of LOVE!

Today I am linking up with Chrissy from Buzzing with Ms. B! If you don't follow her cute little buzzy blog - head on over to check it out! She has freebies, some great ideas for students, and even what to do on a getaway day! 

I may be late to the group, but better late than never! So, this is where i get to share! 

Well, B and I met online! Yep, we met on Match.com. It worked for us! There is not much to the story, but i will share nonetheless! I winked at him through the website, which if you are familiar with this it is like the ultimate flirtation. Well, at the time B did not have an account that he paid for. HE only had the free access which limited how much you could see. He knew that I had winked, but he had wanted ot email me to respond. In order to do that he had to pay for a membership. He looked at it and thought it's too expensive. So he passed on it until the next day when he got a message saying there was a sale. He claims this is exactly how things were just falling into place. I agree! So, he signed up, emailed me, and met a few weeks later after a few phone calls. We met and sat down at a restaurant and made the server wait 2 hours before we even ordered. We were just too into our conversation to even open the menus! Anyway, after that we went bowling and he kissed me after I made a strike! I did not expect that and he completely caught me off gaurd! To this day he still catches me off guard! We have been married for 1.5 years and we cannot wait for the life that is to come together! It really is what we both have dreamed of - we just cannot wait for all the other stuff we have dreamed of to come to fruition! 

So that's how I met my HUNNY? How did you meet yours? 
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