Sunday, February 12, 2012

Top 5 Picks for Teachers

Good morning! I guess i really should say good afternoon!!! My hubby and  are having a late morning! This is one side effect of going to church on Saturday night! We end up getting out of bed late and then debating over where to go get food. (The debating part drives me bonkers!) (Looks like we decided on Chipotle!)

A few things I don't have to debate about are my Top 5 Pinterest Finds for Teachers this week! These are items that i hope to incorporate into my classroom and really think they are just plain great! It is also terribly awesome that we can share all these resources through sites like Pinterest, teachers pay teachers, teachers notebook, and through the multitude of blogs that we all seem to enjoy! 

1. This FREE Valentine's Tot Kit seems to be something i can easily put to use for my lower functioning kiddos in my special ed classroom. You can find where i pinned this here

2. As a part of our program at my school, we offer transportation. Our aides drive them and this provides consistency through their ride home. The van ride home can be tough for some of our little guys, so this next pin is something that can be used for any kid on a road trip or even a short trip. I plan to laminate and have on hand if a certain kiddo needs something to keep them occupied on the van! Find my pin here.

3. My next pin is from The Teacher Wife! I love this math bulletin board. I have pinned several ideas to use to make my own but i especially like the "Math Wall" Banner she made! Awesome job Lindsey! Find my pin here

4. The next is something I cannot wait to download at school! Friendship Cards! And they are free!!! Even better! Find my pin here.
5. This last one is something i would like to alter and have a number of the week and use this as a warm up page for my little ones. I would also make a few versions to help assist my multitude of levels in my classroom. Gonna have to revamp my warm up packets any way! See my pin here.

That it for today! Hope you all are having a blessed Sunday! Enjoy the day off! 

PS. To those of you who have tomorrow off! Lucky you! Enjoy! I have Friday and next Monday off! Oh boy!