Sunday, February 5, 2012

An Experiment to Share!

About 3 months ago our church began what was called a 60-60 experiment. It was truly a new idea for me. The goal in mind was to create a constant connection with our Lord. Here's the concept: for 60 days, we (as a church) would check in (AKA pray) every 60 minutes while we were awake. We were given different questions weekly to ask during these check in times such as: "how can I love in this moment?" and asked to turn the moment God-ward.

Today I thought I would share some of my reflections on this experiment. Let me begin by stating that this is definitely a good idea for some, but not for all people. I then begin to wonder how is it that those that don't/can't/or the "its too difficult for Christians" have that constant connection with God? What is it that helps to check in with our Lord and Savior? Well, I then revert back to the concept of habitual recollection that I once heard about. Habitual recollection is the concept that whenever your mind is not focused on something particular or when there is a pause, your mind would habitually remember to pray or speak to God in some way. This could also include having God incorporated into all your thoughts as well. This is something that I have tried to work on and feel that before the 60-60, it wasn't as effective. I was ready for something new.

The 60-60 experiment was a welcome idea for me. At first it was difficult but I was truly committed to giving it a real try. I found an app on my iPhone that helped to remind me of whatever I could type in every hour at a certain time. I chose to have my phone remind me at 10 minutes to the hour. By the end of the first week, I had definitely noticed a difference in my attitude. I felt excited to go through my average days to see what the Lord would put in my lap when I was in at least more of a constant connection with Him than before. Over time I cannot say each day was filled with me stopping each hour to connect. The truth is as a teacher, life can get CRAZY hectic and so often at the end of the school day i would look at my phone and see several reminders to "Talk to God." (See photo below of a that build up of reminders) And so at the end of the day, I would. Before I would write an IEP or beginning prep for the next day or week, I did. I prayed for my students and my stress level and really so much. I would also pray for personal situations as well.

I really enjoyed the 60-60. I feel it has helped me to stay connected to God in so many ways. It has even helped to create more of a habitual recollection for me and given me that umph to continue. So, my phone will continue to remind me to check in. I feel that i check in more often than before the experiment and now i am working on both, habitual recollection and staying connected! Let me know if you gave it a try, even if for a day or two. I would love to hear your thoughts! Also, for all you teachers out there, how do you incorporate prayer into your day? There is nothing like a teacher who prays. I hope you would become a praying teacher if you aren't already!