Friday, February 10, 2012

My High Five!

Tonight I am sharing 5 of my favorites! I am also taking this opportunity to link up with the ever-so-stylish Lauren over at From My Grey Desk. It's High Five for Friday

1. Backyard Bees products - truly I wish they made more stuff! HEre's a shot of a few of the items I have collected. (There's more info on Backyard Bees in a future post!) But for now, just know i love this stuff! 

2. Another item that i have loved for a while is my Bare Minerals Cleanser and Moisturizer. I am unsure if this is the actual size sold, but I bought these two bottles after the Bare Minerals consultant convinced me it was a good deal by using it on my hand! Besides it was only $10 if i was buying a foundation powder - and it had happened that that is what i was there for. I have loved it ever since. I ration it and truly only use it on the weekends! I love the way the moisturizer smells! I almost want to eat it! 

3. So i know I already posted about my Lemonades Girl Scout Cookies HERE - but these are awesome little bites of goodness! Yummy lemon iced shortbread cookies! The only problem with Girls Scout Cookies is that they go way too fast! 

4. So this week my husband is definitely one of my favorite things! I know i posted about him earlier this week, just like the lemonades... but it seems that he has come through like my knight in shining armor. Last night when i needed a shoulder to cry on, encouragement, and just some support my husband came through once again.  He didnt try to solve my problem or explain it away, but this time he just listened and I felt so much relief in knowing that he cared to really listen and just let me get it out! I said it earlier, but he truly ROCKS! I married him for several reasons, but this week he has added to the list! 

5. Last but not least and maybe a little minuscule in comparison to #4, are the new shoes I got a week or so ago... They are sufficiently broken in now and i must say that i am in love! They are cute and stylish and the best part is I can wear them to work with dress pants or jeans and I could even take off running in these as well. (Believe it or not I have had to chase kids quite often this school year.) So everyone meet my cut and comfy and not so frumpy teacher shoes ... LifeStride Darnell in Black! 
I hope you all have had a great Friday! Thanks to Lauren who has this great link up every Friday!