Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Oh My Goodness! 
What's bringing me JOY this week?!?!?

Well its this tiny little ol' BLOG! 
Thanks to Jami @ Somewhat Domesticated and Sarah @ Fun in Title Math for awarding this blog the 
Leibster Blog award! Both of these ladies have me hooked, 
so please go check 'em out! 
This award is given to blogs with less than 200 followers! Thanks so much to the two ladies who kindly gave this award! I feel as though i have hit a milestone in my blogging life! 

So one of my responsibilities as a Liebster Blog is to award this award to 5 more blogs that have fewer than 200 followers! I had also planned to share more blogs that i have added to my following due to link ups! Hows that for killing two birds with one stone?!?

So here are my 5 blogs that I am awarding the Leibster Blog Award:
1. Emmy @ Day Dreams of a Student Teacher - Emmy has been so sweet to share some blogger advise to me and my little ol' blog! Thanks Emmy for the wonderful tip to use! I really enjoyed the post about the days of the week song! Check it out HERE!

2. Kristen @ One Pilgrim's Progress - I love the way this lady writes! She has quite the knack for the English language! My favorite post thus far is a post on Christianese. Hope you enjoy it! 

3. Beverly @ la, la, Love, Learn, and Laugh - Loving these posts! She is cute and her posts are quite entertaining! I can't wait to try the Muscato that she recommended in her High Five for Friday Link up

4. Abby @ Teacher "Extrodinaire" - This blog has been cracking me up! Abby has a great knack for writing this blog on teaching! I feel as though i know her already, because of her woes with testing he students! Glad its done for you Abby, but I am bracing myself until we hit our testing season! OH BOY! 

5. Laura @ Tattling to the Teacher - I love the look of this blog! So cute and filled with lots of classroom ideas and also insights into the life of a teacher who is also a mom! (I am not sure how i will ever teach and be a mom! Luckily i still have lots of time to figure this out!) Anyway, head over and read her post on staying home with a sick child and then also teaching contractions in her classroom! 

The best part of what brought me joy this week will hopefully bring a little joy to some of my fellow bloggers! Enjoy the joy! 

Have a great night!

PS. No animals were harmed in the writing of this post! Just accomplished a lot with one post!