Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Finding joy in Yoga

This week was tough! Again I am reminded of how caught in the moment I can get! If a day is terrible, then I am wrapped up in that feeling and I am learning that I have not learned to move on as much as I thought I had!

Regardless, I still have joy. 
This week an individual yoga session with my sister-in-law brought me joy. She has become a yoga instructor and while my husband was helping to fix her stereo system in her new yoga studio, she gave me a one and a half hour class. It was really neat to practice some breathing exercises. I realized how much I truly still have such stiff lungs! (I had pneumonia in 2006 that has left some scar tissue in my lungs) I even got to work on my splits! Yes, that's right, this girl is really close to being able to do the splits both ways. It is something i have worked really hard on and though it takes a lot of work to get there, I can do the splits! It was exciting to spend time with my SIL and also "see what she has done to the place." 

If you are in the area, she has a new yoga studio located in Orange. Here's the link for more information: Path of Light Yoga. She's an awesome instructor - she has made me sore for days and I loved how she challenged me! I realize how much I need to be doing yoga more regularly, rather than infrequently as it has been.