Friday, February 17, 2012


I know this post is a little bit after the fact ... but i thought this was too funny not to post! I hope you all had a great Valentine's day! (My hubby and I will be celebrating tonight!)

So, a friend showed me this add that she found in the paper for the 99 Cent Only Store (just realized there is no cents sign on the keyboard!) in our area. 

Notice how it says GOOD CHOICE and BAD CHOICE. In parenthesis next to bad choice it says "but still a great deal." Notice the whipped cream next to the items that you would not like to buy for a dollar! 

And then the suggestions for BAD CHOICES that AGAIN you would not want to purchase for a dollar!!!! 

Here's my tip for you: 
ATTENTION ALL ROMEOS - Dont shop at the 99 cent store for gifts or drug store needs. You may run into some problem that will cost you more than 99 cents!!!! 

So, again Happy Valentine's Day! Hope this brought a smile to your face!