Saturday, February 11, 2012

Recipe Review

I feel a review is in order... A review of last weeks menu items. I am contemplating this becoming a weekly part of this blog, but not sure it will be as regular. 

So, this week I found a fresh salad from Veggie Belly, you can find it HERE

My version of Mango Blueberry Quinoa Salad is one where i just used this salad as a topping to salad greens. Also, instead of the mango i saw at the grocery store, i used dried mango that i chopped up. I added the suggest garbanzo beans as well and made my own dressing. 

Here was what i did for the dressing:

Orange Muscato Vinaigrette
2 Tb. Orange Muscato White Vinegar (from Trader Joe's)
1 Tb. Olive oil
1 Splenda packet
Salt and fresh ground pepper to taste

I whisked this all up and made more as needed because i packaged up everything for lunches this week! It was nice and light for the salad. All you need is an ounce or 2 for one serving. 

Overall the salad was tasty and had lots of flavor. I really enjoyed the addition of the garbanzo beans! Overall this was a great Pinterest find! Let me know if you try the dressing or even if you try the salad! It was tasty! If you like my find you can also follow me on Pinterest! Just click the link below! 

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