Sunday, April 29, 2012

Things I Teach (not standards based!)

Good morning! Karla over @ Life in Special Education is having a linky party that I thought would be a fun way to describe my classroom. I will always claim that no one will truly understand what happens in my own classroom unless they are there day in and day out. Here's a brief window into some of the skills I teach on a daily basis! These are things that the standards just done cover, but that the little love bugs need! Enjoy! Oh and it's ok to giggle, as some stuff seems flat out silly!

  • How to walk in line without touching each other
  • That we don't sleep in class even if you're tired
  • How to use tissues
  • When hand sanitizer is necessary
  • How to swing on the swings
  • That it is not OK to put your hands down your pants
  • That it's OK to fart, but please do it away from others
  • How to put on deodorant without making a mess
  • How to organize your belongings under your desk
  • How to open different food packages
  • How to try to read a passage/directions before asking for help
  • How to ignore others who are being disrespectful
  • How to accept responsibility for our actions
  • What we can do to make up for our mistakes
  • That apologies need to be heartfelt
  • That eye contact is important (especially when apologizing)
  • How to speak up instead of mumble
  • How to ask a question
  • Why we walk at school
  • That our boogers belong in our noses and not in our mouth
  • How to share
  • That it TRULY is not ok to hit your peer not matter what they said
  • That it is probably a good idea to stay in class rather than run away!
  • That taking a minute or two to cool out is IMPORTANT
  • Coping skills and when to use them
  • How to take deep breaths to calm down
  • How to take turns
  • How to use a slide properly
  • That people will stare when you act up
  • That name calling is just not nice

So that is some of the stuff I teach... I am totally sure I am missing something or another, but that is it!

If you care to link up, this is open to all teachers! Please just follow the link above! 

Have a great Sunday!