Monday, April 2, 2012

An "Accidental" Night

This is the story of how my husband and i found our new favorite local family owned yummy restaurant.

So it all began with a popcorn kernel! 

Yep, that's right, a popcorn kernel!

Our church has three services. One service is at five pm on Saturday followed by a 9:30 and 11 am service on Sunday. My husband and i decided to go to the Saturday service on this particular Saturday as we really wanted to enjoy our Sunday morning So the saturday night service tends to be a bit more laid back and one thing that is offered is snacks! Including sleeves of popcorn! My husband usually skips the popcorn, but on this night he was pretty hungry and grabbed a bag that was kindly offered to him at the entrance. Let it be known that one reason that he normally doesn't get popcorn is cause "it always gets stuck" in his teeth.

Well, immediately following church we had planned to grab dinner, but on this night my husband was dying for some dental floss. Now normally this would be in our car all ready for occasions just like this, but with having gotten a new car, I had not put a new dental floss into he new car. So off to the drugstore we go before dinner. My husband of course was annoyed and frustrated that he ate popcorn and of course got a kernel stuck again!

Well, as we were driving down the road, I was glancing at my phone an my husband goes 
"oh, wow, did u just see that?" 
I of course did not, but my husband had just watched as a pick up rammed into the side of a larger-sized SUV. I immediately looked up and saw the two vehicles crunched and in the center lane. I quickly began to try to convince my husband that he needed to stop and give a report to the police and see if anyone needed help. He agreed, turned around, and checked on the people involved. The man who had caused the accident was in a little bit of shoulder pain and was really distraught about not having insurance. 

We then stood on the side of the road and talked with the driver who was not at fault. I mentioned we were on our way to dinner and that we were deciding where to go. We talked about his family and about how frustrated he was that the other driver did not have insurance (as an aside, this phenomenon seems to happen more often than not in California). He then mentioned the italian restaurant right around the corner and mentioned that it was the best pizza  "this side of Naples." 

After we leave the scene of the crime, we grab some dental floss and i quickly look up the said delicious restaurant on my Yelp app! Great reviews that mostly talked about a few dishes here or there and then how it was truly a family owned business. Here's the restaurant on Yelp!

Well, here's my review! I was a terrible blogger and did not take any pictures, but for a hole-in-the-wall place this was some pretty awesome food for an end to a busy day! The garlic bread was piping hot and with just the right amount of garlic. My husband ordered the chicken parmigiana and enjoyed it immensely. I order the farfalle with smoked chicken ad sauteed mushrooms. both dishes tasted great. In addition to this our salads were extremely fresh and he service was good! Another plus is they serve Coke products. This has not become a problem until recently when i began noticing so many places DON'T serve coke! Ugh! (I do not enjoy Pepsi!) So we enjoyed ourselves a little more and tried dessert. We each ordered one! I ordered the chocolate flour-less cake with a chocolate ganache topping! Yum-o! My hubs got the canolli! He loves those and they did not disappoint! 

As we left the restaurant and even as we ate our meal, we felt so blessed. We realized that all day God had been leading us. It felt rewarding to have had that shared experience together. It sure was fun too. I am not rejoicing that one car hit another car, I am merely stating that we felt that God had led us to that situation. God had led us to help another. It felt GREAT to have followed that prompting! And though i said before that it began with a popcorn kernel, truly it began with more. Much more. 

Hope you all had a wonderful Monday!