Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cooking for a Cause!

Hey there! So yes, I am feeling better, but i had late report cards due to my 100 degree temperature that had me laying flat on my back! I refused to blog with work that needed to get done. So today's post is really a general musing. I have no real point today other than I need to get back on the horse! 

While most of my symptoms have subsided, I have had a busy week without work! Ahh the joys of spring break! (Mine, so far, has consisted of doctor's, massage, and hair appointments!) However, one thing i am looking forward to is helping out one of the families at my church this week by giving them a meal. I had signed up to do this through the women's ministires at church and I am finally getting the opportunity to help! My church uses the website Lotsa Helping Hands, which has made signing up and organizing quite easy! So i am all signed up and now what to do... hmm ... 

My choice this week will be my Pasta Fagoili recipe that i made a couple weeks ago as well! I looked up some tips and found the site Cooking for Others to be quite helpful! There are definitely things that I will be doing to share this meal with a family that i have never cooked for! I am so excited to share one of my gifts with a family who just needs the extra support! Here are some notes that I am adding to the mix: 

  • Gladware is GREAT! Definitely going to share my meal this way! 
  • Do not assume that people have "everything" in their cupboards. For example, the meal i am providing goes great with a little parmesean cheese sprinkled on top. I will definitely be sending that along with the meal. 
  • Don't forget the drinks! Some simple cans of soda, a carton of milk, juice, or whatever will make the meal complete. 
  • While a family might have been inundated with other gifts, keep in mind that you may have only one opportunity to provide this service to this family. Maybe a simple bouquet of flowers or something to hit a sweet tooth after the meal would be much appreciated. Keep in mind that overwhelming people can happen!
I think that is it for my little add-ons! 

So tell me, have you given a meal before? Have you been the recipient to a wonderfully cooked meal? Do you have any tips or hints for anyone giving away a meal? If you do, please share by leaving a comment! 


PS. The Pasta Fagioli recipe that I love can be found here.
Thanks to Brandie at The Country Cook for this awesome recipe!!!