Friday, April 27, 2012

High Five 4.27.12

Here's my High Five:

I am officially ready to pick out a mug for the Mug Swap! Can't wait to send a mug to Jennifer over @ Sunnier Side of Sass! Head on over to Suzels Says if you want to join in the fun! (The fun will end on April 30th! Sign up... or prepare to be MUG-LESS!) 

My husband has his truck on hold for someone who wants to buy it next week!! Woo hoo! (Hubs is a little sad to give up his truck, but it is so cool cause we are workin towards that house we dream of!
(This is not his truck, but one that looks like his, well slightly!)

Tomorrow, my mom, hubby, and possibly a friend or two will be going to the Orange County Great Park Artisan Food & Arts Festival. I am way excited about this event! Click the link to find out more! 

I made a new Blog Planner! I used ideas from Jessica @ Lovely Little Things and made it my own! I will be posting about my new blog planner soon! Stay tuned! Here's what her's looks like (you can also click the link to go right to her post about her planner)

Encouragement from fellow bloggers! Its nice to see a few new followers, extra comments and extra page views per day! Thanks to all those who have been reading and following this little blog! Please don't be shy if you are quietly looming in the background, hit "Follow" and let me know you are out there! Don't be shy!

Head on over to From My Grey Desk to link up! 
From My Grey Desk

Welp, that is all for now! Hope you all have a great weekend!