Monday, April 30, 2012

Smell the Roses 4.30.12

Time to stop and Smell the Roses!
Lovely Little Things 
This week's task was to make a mix CD. 
Well I kinda did that. Let me explain. 
My husband is who i chose to make a CD for, but we don't listen to cds much anymore. We listen to our iPods nonstop! So i made a playlist that he can listen to in the car! I thought i'd share a run down of the songs I included! (He was pretty excited to hear what i had chosen for him! But i guess what i really want him to feel is loved! I think i accomplished that!) 

  1. Rascal Flatts - Changed 
  2. Lady Antebellum - Love I've Found in You
  3. Craig Campbell - Fish
  4. Montgomery Gentry - Gone
  5. U2 - All I Want is You
  6. Dierks Bentley - Every Mile a Memory
  7. Tom Petty - Honey Bee (are you sensing a theme?)
  8. Blake Shelton - Honey Bee (how about now?)
  9. Lady Antebellum - Run to You (this song was our first dance)
  10. Flo Rida - Sugar
  11. Eric Church - Carolina

That's my playlist for the hubs! What a fun task! 
Next Week I get to do something out of my comfort zone! Oh boy!