Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fill it with TEA!

OK so, I am participating in a Coffee Mug Swap.... But I really want to rename it at coffee and TEA mug swap! To me there is nothing like a nice, pleasantly warm, just sweet enough, mug of tea! I get frustrated with the size of tea cups... Because they are often toooooooooo darn small! I need a hefty mug of tea with a little stevia and a touch of honey mixed in!

Are you interested in this mug swap? Well basically I will be sending a fellow blogger a mug.... So they can have a nice big mug of coffee... Or TEA! This is a great opportunity to meet other bloggers, but also a great way to get MAIL!!! I love receiving actual mail that isn't junk or bills! Don't you?
If you would like to join in the fun, do it quick as the swap closes at the close of April! Go visit Suzel Says for more info! Or just click the cute little blog button below! 

I cant wait to "meet" who i will be exchanging mugs with! 

**** UPDATE: To see the mug i received from the lovely Jenn at Sunnier Side of Sass please go HERE