Wednesday, April 10, 2013


... is this week's topic for Random Thursday! 

So here's some stuff I'm addicted to: 

My mouth watered when i saw this on the Birchbox Website! 
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Greek Yogurt! 
I literally buy 2 huge tubs a week and then 12 individual mini tubs for on the go! That stuff gets pricey! But every time I have some, I love it all over again and my wallet doesn't hurt so bad! 
Check out this post for how i prepare my Greek yogurt! It's sweet, fruity and really SOOOO much less in the sugar department! 

The Highway on XM
I never thought i would love having XM radio so much, bu truly I do! I love this station in the car and the fact that the djs are NOT at all annoying is a big huge plus! There aren't commercials and the music selection is always pretty great! 
Anyone else listen to the highway on Sirius/XM?
(Not the best photo but i was moving quick to be sure i got the name of that song! And yep, more  addictions: Country Music and this song - Runnin' Outta Moonlight by Randy Houser!)

The Carrie Diaries
I loved Sex and the City, but this is a younger version of Carrie Bradshaw! Yes, I now I am not 12, and maybe i should steer clear of the CW network, but this show has gotten my attention. It is kind of like My So Called Life meets Sex and the City! The girl who plays Carrie is adorable and has GREAT hair! 

My iPad! 
Shh... don't tell hubs I admitted this! He would be agreeing with me right now! 
I love tht darn thing and take it almost everywhere. It's where I follow blogs, comment on blogs, read my book, listen to NPR, listen to Pandora, find my latest workout, visit Pinterest, and gosh so much more! 

Playing fetch with the most adorable kitten in the world! 
Ok so she is almost fully grown, but will always be my little kitten! She is awesome! She is incredibly talented at bringing her ball, an old headband or hair tie, mouse toy, or some of her other small toys back when we chuck it across the room! We are currently playing this as i write this post! She is so cute. She brings it back and puts her paw on my foot to let me know that she has returned with her toy as if to say "please throw it"! Love it! 
I would post a video, but it is really hard to get a video of her doing this! 

I think that is a lot of stuff to be addicted to ... though i am truly sure i could add a few others like, sticky notes, pens, Pieology, and maybe some Chapstick! I could keep going, but i'm gonna stop NOW! 

What are your addictions? Healthy ones of course! 
Check out what others are addicted to!