Thursday, April 18, 2013

Weekend Away (Well Kinda)

Its been a rough week in my neck of the woods... well at least from my neck up! 
Hence the lack of posting this week! I have been battling one hec of an allergy season complete with sneezing so much my throat is raw, headaches, sinus pressure, watery eyes and itchy ears! 

Needless to say, I am WAY happy that the weekend is approaching! 

For lack of a better idea and thinking through my allergic haze... here are my happies and crappies for the week! 

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As of the end of next week, we are READY to make an offer on a home should one that we like come available! It is so close I can taste it. We of course know that we aren't going to find a home right away. In fact our Realtor called to make sure this fact was crystal clear. It will take a while, but knowing that we are able to do something besides look at homes is feeling like a relief. 

My hubs and I are staying with my favorite blogger/awesome friend and her hubby on Friday night. Can't wait! The boys are working on their house on Saturday and well ... as she put it in an email this week.... while the boys work away, the girls will play! Hiking Mount Roubidoux, lunch and some shopping, count me in! Oh and did i mention we are meeting up with Lin?!?!? So excited! 

Sleep! Wednesday night i went to bed at 9 pm! It felt so good to get that much sleep midweek! 

My kitty just adds so much to our home. She must make the happies list, because she really does make me so happy! 

New sandals that I only paid $!7 for!
(Pic to come next week)

and now for the ...


(See above for more detail)

My students have been a bit nuts! It definitely is gonna be an interesting Spring and Summer for sure! 

Hubs and I realized that the car must have gotten backed into. There is a crack and a spot where we think the tailpipe of another vehicle must have been hot enough to melt the paint on our bumper! Not happy! 

Leaving the kitty for the first time! While i am so excited for weekend plans, I know that i am truly gonna miss waking up to that little face. It's a good thing there are kitties where we are staying! (She is currently trying to lick my fingers as i type this post!) 

I think that's all for now! Pics will come next week, it's late and my bed is calling! It's alright, go ahead and call me a lazy blogger! I will just be here trying to breathe through my super stuffy nose!