Monday, April 1, 2013

Not Just on Easter

Yesterday was Easter. 
Despite my mother being out of town, i was quite excited about it!
We had plans to have brunch with my husband's family, relax for a bit, and then head to Disneyland! 

That is exactly what we did. 
Here's what the relaxing looked Like: kitty in my lap and "A Litte Bit of Heaven" with Kate Hudson playing on Netflix! The only thing that was missing is the kleenex! What a tear jerker! 
 The only thing that we didn't have planned was seeing a fatal car accident on the freeway on our way to the happiest place on Earth. 

It really got to me. 
I saw the mangled hunk of metal that the car was and though my husband said there was a tarp covering the car, my brain completely blocked it out. I saw the fireman hiking up the embankment to look for any other victims. 

All I could think was "it's Easter!" 
Who knows who was at fault and when i looked it up this morning, i could find no trace of the accident, but we both know it happened. Car accidents are scary and to see a car in that form really brings a bunch of reality to what has been a busy season plus a great holiday. 

You see, lately, my husband and I have been in the midst of researching homes to buy. We are constantly seeing what we can't have. What we can't afford. It can be a bit of a tough reality. But yesterday we were definitely reminded of all that we have. And really that it can be taken away in an instant. 
Hubs may kill me that i posted this picture, but who could not feel grateful for these two! So cute! 
I have students who love me! Here's a letter from one of my kiddos! Brought tears to my eyes! 
Our trip on the freeway and seeing the aftermath of a crash ended in a stop at Disneyland. 
This only made this all the more emotional for me. 

I literally had tears on the tram to the park. It made me think of all the things i should be grateful for.  Every moment at the park only reminded me even more how extravagant our lives already are. 

And not just on Easter. 
And if ou follow me on instagram you have seen this already, but this trip to DCA (as it turned out we only went to DCA and not Disneyland) was decadent enough to make me realize even more how blessed I am! Grateful doesn't begin to express my heart! 
How was your Easter?