Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Break In Review

It was back to work for this teacher yesterday! The question so many of us get after our spring breaks? "How was your week off?" Mine was good! I had a pretty relaxing week and enjoyed making my own schedule and trying to get some stuff done while also relaxing! 

Here's my week in review (in photo format!) 
Easter Sunday was a great day filled with fun! Oh and it was a great reminder of how blessed my hubs and I truly are. Check out this post to read more! 

A To-Do List was NECESSARY! I felt like i needed this to help keep focused each day! 

Got my hair did on Wednesday! 

A trip to LAX to pick up my mom yielded no traffic and a beautiful sunset! 

I ended the week with helping to make baby shower decorations with a good friend and then we showered this new mom on Saturday! The pic above is a team effort: I made the banner and the hostess with the mostess handled the beautiful flower arrangements! It was a fun time for sure! 

Also, I got to spend a bunch of time with this little fur ball! 

Other activities that were not pictured:
A Sushi lunch! 
Work outs!!! Tried some HIIT from! 
Working on my Autism Authorization... ugh!
A couple shopping trips
Looking for more homes on the internet! 

Needless to say, Monday was not a welcomed visitor! 
Hope you got a spring break! And if you did that it was fantastic!