Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April Currently

Here's my currently for the month of April! 

Side Note: Can you believe it's already April???!??!? Summer's just around the corner! 

Listening: yep TMZ is on ... there was a funny conversation about Dodger dogs v. Angel Dogs.... pretty funny! 

Loving: We have been doing nothing but researching and researching and then doing that all over again! I think we are about ready to make offers but our bank account is about 4 weeks behind! In short, if something comes available at the beginning of May this couple will be ready to offer away! Key word to focus on there: IF! Either way, I am pretty excited and praying for it all to work out before our lease is up! 

Thinking: There is definitely a stench coming from the TurboTax program on hubs' computer! Mostly because we owe a bunch this year! Ugh! 

Wanting: More time for spring break .. ummm who doesnt?

Needing: Yep, homework that is self paced only leaves me feeling far behind ALWAYS! 

Advice: This one's for the bloggers out there... don't worry about the numbers, just enjoy and then the readers will show up! 

Off to visit three blogs! Hope you are having a great week!