Monday, April 1, 2013

Recent Goals

There are no real changes yet, but they are coming to this little blog. 
One of my items to work on this week is to figure out a couple things for this here blog! 

First up, a change to my template. 
Yeah i know i like this cute little green and flowery free one, but I think i am ready to grow up a bit. I think this blog is ready to actually have a custom template made for it. I waited for a unique idea that suits me and what i blog about, plus that represents the title of this blog and i think i finally have a good idea that i have been tossing around in my little brain for a while. 

Now i just gotta find someone who I would like to design it. 
Recommendations are welcome! 

The next thing is something my husband and i have been talking about and that would be to start creating teaching materials to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers and Teacher Notebook. For so long I have followed the personal blog and teaching blog of Mrs. Amy Lemons. It has been amazing to see how she put the funds she earned from selling teaching materials to pay for adopting a child from Africa. What a story that couple has! I figure maybe i could even earn a little to cover the cost of something down the line. Nothing has really revealed itself to me yet, but i am sure it will. 

So that is what has been happening in this bloggers head.... some changes that I am both excited and overwhelmed about. It's a lot of work and there is so much that goes into it all! 

Will i still share about my life and everything else that i have been blogging about thus far? YES! I definitely do not want to change this blog that much, but really just want to add in my teaching stuff! As of right now this is a long ways away because it does take so much time to develop units and there are some upfront costs that i have to figure out still. One more thing to add to the spring break to do list, for sure! 

Hope you all have a great Tuesday!