Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wedding Gifts Gone RIGHT!

When my husband and I got married we had very little for our home. 
We had even less for our kitchen. And we are extremely grateful for the gifts we received and that we still use today. So often we see cutesy wedding gifts on Pinterest, but sometimes practical is just more useful. When i shop from a registry whether it's for a wedding or a baby, I try to think of what will last! 

Here are some of the wedding gifts i still use everyday and I think i would buy them for the newest of brides and grooms even today. 

Measuring Cups

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the set we received from our wedding registry! And more than one set can come in really handy. Never be afraid to tie these to the top of a package and add some cute ribbon! You cannot go wrong! 

Purchase these fun collapsible ones at Target

Collapsible Strainer

This thing comes in SUPER handy! WE use ours on a weekly basis if not more often. It's great for straining pasta, rinsing fruit, washing veggies and who knows what else! I love that our hangs over our sink ledges which seems to make more work space in the kitchen! 
There are many others, but this is the one we have. I found it one Amazon!

Glass Nesting Bowls

This item seems so simple and plain, but it really has been one of the best additions to our cupboards! The variety of sizes can be used for so many things and the simplicity of the glass means that the bowls can even be used to serve food in! Ours came from Crate and Barrel

Toaster Oven

This thing is used all the time! We don't just use it to toast our bread, but reheating/toasting up leftover pizza, warming tortillas, reheating other baked leftovers and so much more! We love this thing! It is a necessary part of our kitchen! 

This is what our looks like and can be found on Amazon!


This stuff is great for so much! You can use some of it for storage, baking, serving dishes and who knows what else! It is dishwasher safe, cleans easily, and can be put in the fridge or the oven. The lids are a necessary piece! They really travel well too! 
These can be found at Target

What did you receive that you still use all. the. time.?