Monday, April 29, 2013

I'm Back Y'all

Ahhh ... there's nothing like an impromptu break! I'm back, but definitely needed the rest! 

Thought i would catch y'all up by posting some Instagram and iPhone shots that i have taken recently. 
(BTW I always seem to avoid using the word y'all cause i don't want to seem like i have a Texas accent, well, i am done skipping that word. It will be around for a while!)
Here they are:

This kitty keps finding new hiding places to hide. Here she is with the dish cloths! 
 And then hiding under a blanket on my lap! 

 New sandals that are dress code approved!

 We went and visited our friends in Riverside and Lily wanted to join us! 
It was so cute to watch her climb in and watch me pack! 

 We played a little pool and the boys smoked the girls! 
I think I scratched more than I ever have!  

 The ladies! 
If you don't recognize her, that Jami from Somewhat Domesticated! Love her! 

The next morning Jami and I walked up Mount Roubidoux. It was beautiful! 

 Jami and I met up with these great bloggers: Lin and Shelley 

 Spent some time cuddling with Jami's kitten! Look at that face! 

 I won the prize at Bunco last week! It's so cute and will go great in our new patio when the time comes! 

 Celebrated this little one's 1st year of life! 
Her mom did a Minnie theme and everything turned out awesome! 

 Ended Saturday with a late night trip to Target after a late night dinner. Found a new makeup brush. Have you ever tried Sonia Kashuk brushes? I have tried some of the eye shadow in the past, but i have loved the brushes for a long, long, long time! 
 And lastly, our Realtor has been super helpful and informative. This first time buyer has major jitters and with our first offer on the table, I am so hot and cold it is not even funny! One minute i can't wait and the next, I am freaking out and wishing for something else. Is this normal? Anyway, I thanked our Realtor for her patience and her response was this:
Best part of that email: she was encouraging and used the word y'all! 

This blogger's back! Hope you didn't miss me too much!