Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Random Day in My Life

Boy! Spring break has been a really welcome break! 
Its been nice to see friends, make my own schedule, relax, get appointments done, research things I have been meaning to research and so much more! 

I can't believe it's already Thursday! Here's the topic for this week: 

... of a teacher on Spring Break! 

(I added that last part!) 
But seriously, i thought this would be a different spin rather than my normal life of teaching in a classroom!

So here goes: 
7:30 am Woke up and ate breakfast while watching The Carrie Diaries (yep, I'm addicted!) 
This is also when i attempted to publish some comments to my blog and then accidentally deleted them in my morning haze! 

Here's my breakfast parfait in a red cup and using a recycled Yogurtland spoon! With a younger version of Carrie Bradshaw on the screen! 

9:00 Got ready to hit the gym and straightened the kitchen a bit. 

9:30 Walked down to the gym in my apartment complex. Did Week 2 Day 2 of the C25K app while listening to Pandora! 

10:20 Left the gym when the maintenance guy came to clean (I made it a few minutes with the cleaning supplies in the air before i started to sneeze!)

10:25 Arrived home and downloaded a few fonts for teaching worksheets from and

10:55 Hopped into the shower and cleaned it while i showered! 
(Sorry no pictures here!)

11:25 Got out of the shower and got dressed! Then began putting my make up on! 
(I didn't have to do my hair because i was headed to my hair stylist!) 

11:45 Interpreted my getting ready to help my husband clip little Lily's claws! I got tired of her scratching at me this morning!

12:10 packed some snacks to eat while i was out for the day and then headed out the door to get my hair done! 

12:32 A little late but made it! Hair wash, dry and trim! Love getting my hair done! 

Here's how my hair turned out... plus you can see what i wore! A black tee that i had a bright blue cardigan over and then denim capris with my rainbow flip flops! 

1:40 Ate a snack in the car on my way to my mom's house to water her potted plants. She is coming home tomorrow! 

2:15 Headed to Barnes and Noble to price check some books for gifts! 
Here's a book I found pretty entertaining! 
The caption about this pic from a book entitled Awkward Family Photos was "stuck in the middle"!!! 

3 pm Headed home to relax a little before working on my Autism Authorization for my credential! 

4 pm Began working on my Autism Authorization plus other computer stuff! 

4:45 Stopped for a potty break and a one of my meals! 

7 pm Finish one session of my program and then began blogging while watching Jeopardy! 
The kitty joined me for blogging! 

7:26  Current time of writing this line! everything from here on out is estimated! 
Jeopardy ends at 7:30 pm! 

8 pm Gonna eat dinner! (I know this sounds late, but on this Carb Cycling diet you are supposed to eat every three hours! Waking up late has it's downfalls on this diet! 

9 pm Gonna relax on the couch with hubby until about 11 pm and then it will be time for bed! 

That is a day in the life of this Spring Breakin' Teacher! 

Check out other bloggers daily routines! 

See you tomorrow!