Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thankful Pumpkins

So, Friday and these next few days before Thanksgiving will be filled with lots of Thanksgiving activities for the kiddies in my classroom! What else would I do with only 2.5 days of teaching right before a holiday? We will be playing a thanksgiving math game, writing about thanksgiving, and talking lots of turkey! Before the weekend we took a few minutes to write about what we are thankful for and we made these adorable little pumpkins! These little cuties would make a great activity for Thanksgiving Day over at the kiddie table, but they could also be a classroom activity!

Isn't it cute?

All you need is this handy freebie:
A paper fastener (a brad)
Orange paper (3 strips for each pumpkin)
A strip of brown paper
A piece of green paper big enough to cut into two leaves
A stapler

They aren't hard to assemble. 
Here are the steps:

Fill in the blanks on three strips and then place those strips in the shape of an asterisk.

Staple the middle and then punch a hole in the end of each strip.

Then put together the stem. Fold the strip of brown paper and fold the end.

Cut out two leaves from the green paper. Staple the leaves to the folded part of the stem.

Next hole punch the folded part of the stem and stick the fastener through.

Lastly, begin gathering the orange strips of paper by putting the brad through each hole. Make sure the brad stays inside the pumpkin and before you know it you are ready to fasten the brad by spreading the prongs!
You cute little pumpkin is ready!
This would be great to get your little pumpkins thinking about what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving! One of my new little kiddos said he was thankful for ME! So cool!

Hope you enjoy!