Thursday, November 22, 2012

Random Thursday: In My Hometown...

Sprawl is everywhere in Southern California, where i grew up. I have lived in a handful of cities in Orange County, CA. and only once have I lived out of this county. (And even then i was back to Orange County at least a few times a week!) I am not a huge world traveler, though I have done my share of traveling, but to me, living in this same place for my whole life truly says how much I love it here. It may not be terribly spectacular, like many may imagine of a SoCal life style, but it is what it is! 

This weeks topic for Random Thursday is:

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Anyway, here is what I love about this county that I have grown up in:

Old Town Spots
There are several old town areas that I just cannot get enough  of. They are pictured below in the with my most favorite towards the top!

Close to So Much
I love the closeness to the mountains, desert, and beaches! Here are a few that are awesome!

Like Disneyland and Angels Stadium! Yep, these are a couple reasons that I love this place! Here are my shots from our trip to the happiest place on earth last night!

Lots to do!

Great Park Balloon

Great Farmers Markets

Familiarity and History
If you have been in a place for long enough you come to know and love the history of that place. You also get to know a lot of the ins an outs! I sure can get myself around in this town. It makes it easier to get out of traffic when you know a place!

This country has some great eats and I sure would miss a few spots if I had to leave!

Three Words: Spicy Beef Taco
 The Balboa Bar!
Wouldn't mind a Lemon Heights from this spot!
And of course my weekly spot for yummy treats, fresh food, and friendly service!
Overall, this is the place where I have been a child, learned a few lessons, and built a community around me. It is home and it is where I will stay to raise my kids. Sure, there are some negative parts to living here, but overall, I am not displeased.
(Gotta sneak in a few negatives)
Ugg boots and shorts


Expensive Houses (That i dream of one day owning!)

Hope you enjoyed my home town a bit!
If you are home for thanksgiving, I hope you are enjoying all that you love about your home! I hope you are making new memories in your hometown than were already there.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!