Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Random Thursday: 5 Products

A Monday off always seems to throw the week off kilter a bit! Today (I am obviously writing this post the night before) totally feels like a Tuesday, but clearly it is Wednesday! Oh but wait, as you read this it will feel like a Wednesday and it really is Thursday! And a "Random Thursday" at that ...

This weeks topic is ...

I gave myself a couple guidelines for this...Well, mostly just one besides the obvious one of these products being something i use on a daily basis. I decided that none of these items could be edible! Here goes nothing... 

My foam roller
I bought this gem a few years ago and as of late, my shoulder and back pain/tension has been seriously reduced due to this thing. I am working up to using this more on my legs, but i do use it for my back every night before bed. Right now my legs are so tight, that using this thing on my legs makes me CRY in pain. I guess this is more reason to use it on my legs more! This foam roller thingy has been a great relaxation technique as well!
Check out the video that shows how to use it!
(These gals make it seem so simple and easy!)

My hair straightener
Without this little gadget, that i am sure many of you use, my hair would be a frizzy/wavy/straight/ratty mess! I love mine! It is has concave plates, which i occasionally use to add a little curl to the ends of my hair. I would freak out if this thing broke. 

Seat Warmers in My Car
When we first got this fancy car i gave myself the rule to not turn these on in the morning for fear that i would be made too sleepy as i drove to work. It turns out that this rule only works during the spring and summer. It is now Fall and our mornings have cooled down significantly. I know it is not nearly as cold as what other states may be facing, but a seat warmer sure does take the edge off! I will say that it is much harder to get out of the car to get into my classroom with this warm behind!


Lingerie Bag
I have started a new system for washing my unmentionables. I am gonna spare you from the photographs for obvious reasons, but just know that i put the clean undies in one bag and it hangs in my closet for when i need a pair and then i clip another lingerie bag to one of my hampers for the dirty ones. When it's time to do laundry, i zip up the ones needing to be washed and replace it with another lingerie bag. The system has worked quite well and saves me about 30 minutes when folding the laundry.

*Sidenote: My husband has created this system. Before i married my hubby, i FOLDED every piece of underwear and had it neatly placed in my drawer. Now, i have a bag that i dig through and find my undies in. I am liking the not folding part. I dislike the part where i have to dig to find the correct pair to wear with whatever my chosen outfit is! 

Electric Kettle

With this awful cold, chilly weather in the morning, oh and don't forget the EXTREME obsession i have with TEA, it means that i have been using this little baby repeatedly through out the day. Do you have one? These things rock! If you don't have one i highly recommend and if you have an option to get a larger one, do it. We have to refill this bad boy up after about 2 large mugs get poured or about 4 smaller tea cups. Either way it's a great and handy item to have in the kitchen. You could use it to heat up water for all kinds of things, including just to boil water! I bet you are ready to grab yours ... go on.... grab your purse and i will see you tomorrow! 

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