Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Move?

About a week or so ago i mentioned that hubs and i will be moving.
We are sure it will be local, but we are not sure where we are going yet.
This unsettles me a whole bunch! I do not like not knowing.
I am learning to trust in the Lord for I know that he will take care of us.
This is a moment where i will lean on my husband and where we together will lean on the Lord.
I write this now pretty much to remind myself of this. I know i dont normally get this religious, but if i hid my faith, what kind of Christian would i be? This is a moment where i lean heavily on the Lord.

So, with that deep though to begin this post, I thought i would share a bit of my research on MOVING! Here are my pins for and Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday!

This blogger moved and had some great tips to share!

Gonna try to have a stree free move! Does that exist?

And here's some pins for me to dream about ...

Source: houzz.com via Simone on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Simone on Pinterest

And a little bit of reality ...

DIY tips to survive home ownership!

Source: repinly.com via Simone on Pinterest

Um, kind of lovin' the cabinets and the island in this kitchen.

And one last reminder for myself:

Oh and BTW, at the end of this next home, we will find a more permanent home. We are looking to buy a home! Oh wow! What a journey this will be!