Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I Choose Teaching

What would you do if you did not work or do what you do on a daily basis? Have you thought about this before?

That is not entirely random for me because I am often day dreaming about what it would be like to not work, yet it is the Random Thursday topic for this week!

So if given the chance what would I do?
I am sure I would not sit on the couch eating bon bons!

But I would definitely work out each day! 

And then I would cook, read, blog, and craft!

This is our next book club pick... gonna start this weekend! 

I might have even had kids already and in that case I would take these hypothetical kids to the park! And to all sorts of fun mommy type activities!

But here's the thing ... I love to teach and I really learned that this week! That's cause this week, and even now as I type this, I have no voice! Silly cold that robbed me! I know God sometimes gives us little reminders that He is in control. Today I felt reminded of that! I worked a half day and as I left the kids they all said they'd miss me and they hoped I would feel better! It amazes me to know that God is in control of those little lives that I am responsible for each day! I am so terribly grateful for that today! I wouldn't take teaching away from my life because I would miss moments of learning like the ones I saw today! I also saw how much i can make an impact. Its not often that they show how much they appreciate me! It sure was nice to hear that they would miss me and that they cared! 

What would you do if you stopped working?