Sunday, November 4, 2012

Return of the Roses!

This Monday i thought I would get back to participating in the smell the roses tasks!

This week's task was to 
make your favorite beverage and enjoy it outside!

Whelp, I most definitely drink my favorite beverage all the time! That's right, you've heard me talk about this before... TEA!

My newest obsession is a sweet pumpkiny cup of deliciousness! I have always loved a good cup of chai, but this yumminess has pumpkin flavor to it! On Friday morning, before it warmed up, I warmed up a nice hot cup of this pumpkin stuff and enjoyed it on my morning duty! No pictures to share... Not with the kiddos around. My hands were to busy, full or my mind elsewhere! But it sure is yummy! It's filled with so much sugar that I tend to only have it a couple times a week! On warmer days, since CA tends to be on the warmer side these days, i make it iced!

Now I know this is not what you would picture as "enjoying" my favorite beverage outside. Well, it turns out that a little bit of heaven when u begin your enjoyable tough work day is a little bit of awesome! Why not enjoy part of your life even while struggling through the day! Isn't that why teachers drink coffee? Not this teacher! I will stick to my tea!

What's your favorite drink? And where do you enjoy drinking it?