Thursday, November 15, 2012

Friday Letters 11.16.12

Dear Friday - I am so glad you are back! Please tell the weekend not to go by too quickly. 

Dear 5K Mud Run - I am not excited about you. I have this silly cold that prevented me from working out/running the last week and a half. I didn't train before that either. Someday I will conquer a 5K by running the whole thing! Saturday will not be that day!

Dear Coworkers - thanks so much for helping my class out when we needed it! Thanks too for leaving little encouraging notes to help me through the week!

Dear Hubs - please get over this cold and start coming back to kickboxing! It's so much more fun when you are there with me! And I miss driving with you to and from!

Dear Nashville - thank goodness you got approved for a second season! I know you are a lot like a soap opera, but I love you! And I love that you put country music on TV! 

Dear Apartment- I wouldn't mind if you packed yourself! I know we aren't leaving you for several weeks, but I look around and wish you would just pack it all up without my help! I do know how much I will miss you though!

Dear Classroom - I am hoping I can leave you by 4 pm Friday. Maybe you could do all the copying and prep work for next week alone?

Dear Inlaws - Your new puppy is adorable! I cannot wait to meet him! One more reason that we will enjoy Thanksgiving!  

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Hope you all have a great weekend!