Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tea and Sympathy

Its been a mellow week due to sickness in our household, but there are still some highlights, for sure! 

My aide is pretty darn cool. She gave me a little hint last Friday and told me she would have something for me on Monday  She kept me wondering all weekend long but when she got a chance she handed over this COOL slip of paper! 

That's right she got me a personalized autograph from on of the Angels Baseball players! And best of all he is one of my faves! Love watching Howie Kendrick run those bases!!! Cannot wait til baseball is back on the tube!

Tea... oh how i love thee! 

This particular cup is Celestial Seasonings Peach ... oh yum! 

This face. Especially when you are sick, it just cheers you up. Quite a bit. 

Getting my voice back. 
One of the little darlings at work (not one in my class) was over heard saying "Mrs. Simone got her voice back!" This was way better than strange looks from kids who I tried to talk to without a voice. 
It was a little bit comedic. 

After all of this, i can see how i make a difference. I am reminded of how much I love my students and how much i love teaching them! 

What were your highlights this week? 
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