Friday, November 30, 2012

Another Version of Patchwork

***There is a PS with a brief explanation of my absence! But here is the post that led to my 4 day break despite having wonderful posts planned out!

Last Sunday was spectacular! 
I got my husband to tag along with me to a craft fair! 
You have heard (read) about this before!
But this time my hubs was my plus one! 
Most men would not brave this truly chick date, but my husband was awesome! 

Here are a few sights: 



You should know i finally purchased something from Topiary, which I am completely drooling over! (Though, now as i type this, i am wearing my pretty necklace and cannot drool, but still love it!)

And, my hubs even scored a bit. 
He got a brand new custom fitted leather belt! So cool! Thanks to One Star

So far this has become my favorite belt that i have seen him wear! It really is great!

And we even visited the Old Vine booth for a yummy grilled cheese sandwich that we shared:

Then we TOTALLY stopped at the Cool Haus Ice Cream Sandwich Food Truck!!! And we each ordered our own sandwich! 

Mine was a Vegan Carrot Cake Cookie and a S'mores Cookie with a Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

And then hubs got a Salted Chocolate Ice Cream with a Chocolate chip Cookie and a S'mores cookie

Overall it was a fun day and my hubby said he would even go back! 
It wasn't so bad for a guy, but it sure was great! 
PS. You will notice this post is filled with photos! i was so excited because i actually got some cool looking ones. I came home and got my post ready to post and then began to add my photos. Lo and behold, i had reached my FREE limit on Picasa. For those that may not know Picasa is linked with you Google account and hence anything you post to blogger (photo-wise) gets added to there if the pics are uploaded from your own files on your PC  OK so then i realized that i had not changed hte sizing on any or my pics and so, with 654 photos i thought that resizing was gonna just take way way too long. Well  this was of course on top of us trying to find a new place to live and then led to me feeling WAY overwhelmed. This week has been interesting, that is for sure! Cause even now as i type this I am home "sick" because i had to take my hubby to the ER this morning! PTL he does not have kidney stones, an appendicitis, or even a hernia. Just some stinking virus that has cause a huge amount of pain for him in his lower right tummy! Anywho, to make this PS a little longer, I'm just gonna say that the photo problem is being worked on at a snails pace, but will be resolved eventually. More to come on that, i think. Maybe a tutorial? Who knows!